Building identity and public key infrastructure


  • Difficult — no, really, try explaining to your mom how to use a digital signature and see how quickly she gives up the idea in favor of paper.
  • Not convenient — each service offers a different format or types of eSignatures. I can’t get one universal signature or ID, prove once that it is what I will sign with it and use it everywhere.
  • In fact, it’s expensive — very often, if I need to sign just one document I have to buy a subscription for something, then remember to unsubscribe so I don’t get charged for it. And when I need it again, I have to start all over again.

Our vision

  1. The most popular public protocols like Bitcoin and Ethereum run on PoW consensus algorithms, where a lot of computation must be done to record a transaction. We would like to use less energy-consuming algorithms and thereby reduce the cost of transactions on the network.
  2. In existing public networks there are a lot of transactions and a lot of smart contracts. This greatly affects the speed of the network as a whole.
  • energy-efficient DPoS consensus algorithm
  • the public network has been working for many years, and the protocol itself is constantly evolving and gives new features
  • in fact, it is a ready-made engine, which allows creating a sub-chain for the existing public network in a very widespread Javascript programming language with its own logic, where only the types of transactions we need are accumulated, so a high speed and low cost of transactions can be guaranteed

The plan

  • Create a decentralized blockchain-based repository to store personal data that only you can manage
  • Create a decentralized repository of all signing transactions, so you can control when the document is signed
  • Create a mobile app to manage your digital signature and id that anyone can use without the technological pain



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